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Properly Sanitizing Your Glasses

For those of us who wear glasses, they quickly become such an integral part of our lives that we give them very little thought unless we are taking them off, putting them back on, or visiting our eye doctor for an exam. We also subconsciously touch them a lot during the day, adjusting them to that they sit comfortably on our faces. It is here that there is the potential for us to transfer any bacteria on our hands onto our glasses and face. Here’s our guide to how to properly sanitize your glasses.

Importance of Sports/Protective Eyewear

People often wear protective gear only if the sport they are playing requires them to. Yet, many players still forget to protect their eyes. This is the case where the players think they have no chance of hurting their eyes.

Deciding Between Monthly or Daily Contacts

The very first soft contact lenses were developed in 1971, but since then, their design has continued to evolve. Not only are they now available in different materials with different qualities, but they are also designed for different periods of wear. Two of the most popular are monthly and daily contacts. How do you decide between them? Let’s compare them to see which is most likely to suit your needs.