Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

An increasing number of people who need vision correction are opting for contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Some of the reasons that contact lenses are more popular are that they give a natural look, have greater flexibility, and offer panoramic clarity. There are two types of contact lenses — hard and soft.


Different types of soft lenses include daily wear lenses, daily disposable contact lenses, and extended wear lenses. Daily wear lenses and daily disposable contact lenses can be easily mixed up, but these two types of lenses are different.


Daily wear lenses are worn during the day and then cleaned at night. The eye doctor replaces them during your next visit. On the other hand, daily disposable lenses are only worn once and then disposed of.


People prefer using daily disposable contact lenses because they offer crystal-clear vision and comfort. Some of the other top benefits of daily disposable contact lenses include:




You don’t have to worry about cleaning these lenses. You wear them during the day and dispose of them once the day is done. They do not need cleaning. Hairspray deposits or dangerous calcium normally associated with monthly and bi-weekly contacts are no longer an issue. You also don’t have to worry about getting eye infections normally associated with hard lenses.


UV Protection


Daily disposable contact lenses have built-in ultraviolet protection to protect the eyes from harmful rays of the sun. However, they should not be a substitute for polarized sunglasses.


Natural Look


Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for people preferring a natural look. You no longer have to worry about matching your glasses frames to your outfits. Contacts are more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and they don’t change your physical appearance.


You Can Remain Active


When you wear contacts, you don’t have to be afraid of breaking your glasses when exercising. You can take part in sports without worrying about your vision. They give you the freedom to be active.


Ideal for Adolescents


Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for teenagers. Teens are keen on their appearance and disposable lenses allow them to maintain a natural look. Additionally, daily disposable contact lenses do not need disinfection or cleaning at the end of the day. Teenagers are active and may forget to care for their lenses. This may put them at risk of getting infections.


Protects Against Dryness


Most daily disposable contact lenses are made from silicone hydrogel. To prevent dry eyes, one must ensure that the eyes receive a constant supply of oxygen. Silicone hydrogel allows oxygen to get to the eyes, preventing dryness. While daily disposable lenses cost more than other lenses, you end up saving more money on contact solutions and care products.


Best for Correcting Refractive Errors


Unlike glasses, daily disposable contact lenses rest directly on the eyes to change the refractive surface. This gives you a wider field of vision while helping you focus better. There is no obstruction of the peripheral vision.


If you want to switch to contact lenses, talk to your eye doctor first. He will conduct a series of tests to determine the type of contact lenses ideal for you.



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