Importance of Routine Eye Exams

A lot of people go years and years without seeing their eye doctor. But routine eye exams are actually essential even if you see little or no change in your vision at all. Here are the compelling reasons why you should never miss an appointment with your eye doctor.


Poor Eyesight Can Affect School Performance


One out of 10 children struggles with vision problems that are significant enough to impact a child’s ability to succeed academically. An estimated 80 percent of the learning process occurs through the sense of sight. If your child has a vision-related issue, it can significantly hinder his or her ability to learn. Every kid needs visual skills to read, write, and perform other tasks in school. One of these skills is seeing clearly at various distances, like reading a book up close or viewing the chalkboard from afar. Other visual skills include eye focusing, eye tracking, eye teaming, eye-hand coordination, and visual perceptual skills. If your child lacks or struggles with any of these skills, they’d have to work harder to learn as effectively as their peers.


Myopia Is Becoming Widespread


Myopia or nearsightedness is affecting more and more people each day. A lot of children develop this refractive error at a very early age. If not controlled and managed early enough, this can put your child at an increased risk of developing severe eye diseases later in life. One of the most alarming ones is glaucoma, which currently has no cure and can cause irreversible blindness. Open-angle glaucoma, in particular, doesn’t usually present any warning signs in its early stages. Patients are often only made aware they have the condition when it’s already too late. Other eye complications that can also develop later in life are cataracts and retinal detachments, among others.


Your Eye Doctor Can Catch Other Health Issues During an Eye Exam


Routine eye exams are not only for checking your eye and vision health. Equally important is its role in detecting major health problems. By looking into your eye’s blood vessels, your eye doctor can tell whether you have high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, tumors, and certain types of cancer. These vessels are good predictors of the health status of the rest of your body. Do you want to stay on top of your overall health? Then don’t wait until vision changes occur. Visit your eye doctor regularly for a complete eye exam.


A person’s risk of sight-threatening conditions tends to increase with age. With early detection and intervention, you can stop or slow down the damage it’s causing to your vision. If you want to guarantee a lifetime of healthy, clear eyesight, you have to commit to routine eye exams.


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