Choosing Between Contact Lenses or Glasses

If you need vision correction lenses, you will need to choose between glasses and contact lenses. The decision you make will be based largely on personal preference. You will need to consider several factors, including comfort, your lifestyle, your budget, convenience, and aesthetics.


When choosing between glasses and contacts, you need to realize that one option is not necessarily better. Each option has its pros and cons in terms of ease of use, vision enhancement, and eye health.


The Comfort Factor


Comfort is a very important factor in choosing corrective lenses. A huge benefit of glasses is that they do not touch the eyes. This means that you can avoid discomfort, especially if you have dry eyes. You can also reduce the risk of developing eye infections.


Glasses can also adjust according to the amount of light entering the eye. They can help block UV rays from the eyes and eyelids. This helps enhance vision and comfort. On the other hand, contacts are great for those with an active lifestyle. You do not have to remove them when playing sports.


The Aesthetics Factor


When you choose contacts, you will not have to worry about frames affecting your facial features. If you wear glasses, you may want to choose frames that will work with your face shape. When you wear contacts, you will not have to worry whether your glass frames are clashing with your wardrobe choices.


You can even use colored contacts to change the color of your eyes, given that they are prescribed by a qualified doctor. On the other hand, you can use glasses to make a fashion statement or as an extension of your style and personality. There are stylish frames that can help enhance your appearance.


The Issue of Vision


Contact lenses sit directly on the eye, which means that the vision is unobstructed. They provide a wide field of vision and cause fewer visual distortions. Glass frames can often interfere with peripheral vision.


Glasses can get in the way when you are involved in activities where you require unobstructed vision. If you are participating in sports, working out, or performing some outdoor activities, you may need to remove your glasses. Unlike glasses, different weather conditions do not affect contacts.


The Ease of Use


Glasses are generally easier to use than contact lenses. Anyone, including young children, can wear glasses without difficulty. With contact lenses, some find them inconvenient due to the issue of wearing them or putting them in.


Learning the proper technique of applying the lenses can help rectify these problems. Contacts require proper care and daily cleaning to avoid infections. One must also follow the proper replacement cycle to ensure effectiveness.


Budget Considerations


In most cases, glasses tend to be cheaper than contacts. The main reason for this is that they do not need replacing as often. The need for specialized fitting also affects the cost of contact lenses. Glasses are more affordable and easier to obtain, and you can even purchase them online. 


The decision on whether to wear glasses or contacts is a personal one. If you are still unsure, there is no reason you cannot have both. Many people switch between contacts and glasses.


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