Importance of Sports/Protective Eyewear

Whether you are playing sports for fun or competition, it is important to wear the right gear. This should also include the sport’s protective gear. People often wear protective gear only if the sport they are playing requires them to. Yet, many players still forget to protect their eyes. This is the case where the players think they have no chance of hurting their eyes.


Why Does Protective Eyewear Matter?


There are many reasons why athletes should wear protective eyewear, including:

  • It prevents blindness and other serious eye injuries – Eye injuries are some of the most common causes of blindness among children. The sad news here is that most of the injuries occur when children are engaging in sports-related activities. Yet, if the children in all these cases were to wear protective eyewear, 90 percent of them would be fine.

  • It looks great – Regardless of whether you are a beginner or play in the national league, you will look great in eyewear. Eyewear will give people the impression that you are serious about the sport you are into. Furthermore, the manufacturers of protective eyewear make them in such a way that the wearers appear to be so cool.

  • It improves vision during play – The right specialized eyewear is sure to enhance your performance in the field. This is because the eyewear will help you to see what you, your teammates, and opponents are doing with clarity.

  • It is recommended – Clubs and sports governing bodies are making protective eyewear mandatory. This is because of the realization of their importance.


Different Material and Features for Protective Eyewear


Putting on protective eyewear when participating in some sports is important. This is because eye injuries can occur in any sport.

Specialized facemasks and goggles – To participate in snowboarding, hockey, archery, swimming, lacrosse, football, and several others, you will need special eyewear. The eyewear must be specific to the sport you are playing. Some have a design that can fit inside a helmet.

Polycarbonate goggles – Sports such as tennis, soccer, biking, or even basketball need players to wear polycarbonate goggles. Players with glasses can even wear this protective eyewear over the glasses. Furthermore, some of these goggles come with UV light protection for the outdoors. Scratch-resistant goggles are suitable for rough contact sports.

Rubber padding – All protective eyewear will have points of contact with the face, and these points should have rubber padding throughout. Any other material has the likelihood of causing injury to the face, especially in high contact sports.


Does the One-Size-Fit-All Concept Apply?


For any sporting activity, the protective eyewear needs to fit the wearer properly. Oversized eyewear will not protect the eyes because they will not cushion the face in the event of an impact. Sports eyewear that is too tight is hazardous. It is uncomfortable, will affect peripheral vision, and will affect sports performance negatively.


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