Properly Sanitizing Your Glasses

For those of us who wear glasses, they quickly become such an integral part of our lives that we give them very little thought unless we are taking them off, putting them back on, or visiting our eye doctor for an exam. We also subconsciously touch them a lot during the day, adjusting them to that they sit comfortably on our faces. It is here that there is the potential for us to transfer any bacteria on our hands onto our glasses and face.

As we know, touching our faces is ill-advised when it comes to the spread of bacteria and viruses since our mouth, nose, and eyes all contain mucous membranes that are able to transport bad microorganisms into our bodies, causing us to become ill. Wearing glasses actually helps to protect our eyes from any viruses since the lenses provide a barrier between any microorganisms and the mucous membranes of the eyes. However, they are only an effective barrier if they too are clean.

Experts agree that just as you should have clean hands for the application of contact lenses and clean any reusable lenses themselves to keep your eyes healthy, you should also take similar precautions when it comes to your glasses.

Here’s our guide to how to properly sanitize your glasses.


Rinse them thoroughly with clean water

To start the process, run your glasses under warm water, making sure to cover the entire frame and lenses.


Disinfecting your glasses

Once you have rinsed off any loose dirt/debris, you should next disinfect your glasses. There are several options for this. Some people will use an antibacterial hand wash while others will prefer to use a household disinfectant with a high alcohol percentage. Alternatively, you can choose a cleaner specifically designed for glasses that lists an antibacterial ingredient. Whatever you choose, do not use rubbing alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or anything with high concentrations of acid to clean your glasses as they could cause damage to the lenses and frames.

Spray the cleaning solution onto your glasses or apply it to a soft microfiber cloth and clean every part of your glasses thoroughly. Some people choose to use a toothbrush to carefully get into the hinge area to ensure complete disinfection which is a very effective technique.


Rinse again

Once you have properly cleaned every part of your glasses, you should rinse off all of the cleaning solution using warm water. You can either leave them to dry naturally or use a lens cloth, but be sure to never use any other material as this could scratch your glasses or damage any lens coatings that you may have.


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