What to Expect From a Contact Lens Exam

Are you thinking about switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses? Contact lenses are considered a medical tool by the Food and Drug Administration, and therefore, you should not take them lightly. You should think about how much you are willing to commit to wearing the contacts and how they will suit your lifestyle.


That said, a contact lens exam is necessary. The exam will consider your sight-related problems as well as the shape of your eyes. The contacts must be tailored to suit your needs, and because of that, the exam may seem quite lengthy and complicated. Here is what to expect from a contact lens exam.


Detailed Eye Examination


First, you will need to visit your optometrist for a comprehensive eye checkup. During the checkup, your doctor will check the overall wellness of your eyes, including the quality of your eyesight. This is to ensure that your eyes are in good condition to wear contact lenses. As well, the doctor will figure out what type of contacts you need.


Generally, whether you have issues with your eyesight or not, it is important to have your eye doctor examine your eyes regularly. This is to make sure that your eyes are in optimal health and that there are no indications of an emerging eye illness.


Choosing Your Contacts


During the exam, your optometrist will ask you a little about your daily routine. This can help your doctor determine which type of contacts are more appropriate for you. There are numerous types of contact lenses available in the stores. Also, there are contact lenses you can dispose of on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and toric contacts for candidates with astigmatism. If your eyes are hard to fit, your doctor may prescribe yearly lenses or hard lenses, depending on your situation.


Measuring Your Eyes


The next step that will follow is taking your eyes’ measurements. First, your doctor will measure your eyes to understand the diameter and curve that your lenses will need. Then, your doctor will measure your iris and pupil. Afterward, your doctor will do a tear film assessment to ensure that your eyes can produce adequate tears to keep the lenses moist.


Learning to Wear the Contacts


Here, your doctor will teach you how to put on and take out your lenses. When your doctor has prescribed the best contacts for you, he or she will order a trial pair. You will then use the pair to learn how to wear and care for your contacts.


Follow-Up Appointment


Your optometrist may ask that you plan a follow-up visit to see that your lenses are a proper fit and that your eyes are getting used to them. If you are experiencing dryness and pain in the eyes, you should see your eye doctor immediately. You may get a different prescription, a change of contact lens disinfectant, or a different contact lens wearing plan.


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