When Should Kids Have Their First Eye Exam?

Most times, when a parent takes a child to the eye doctor, it is usually as a recommendation from a pediatrician. The pediatrician may have noticed problems with the child's visual ability or specific behavior. However, it is ideal for kids to have eye exams from when they are toddlers. It is essential to have regular eye checkups for your child while they grow to ensure you detect vision issues early. 


According to experts, children learn the most through observation. It is vital to ensure that your child's vision is in the best shape. The eye doctor recommends a treatment protocol or correction options if they have vision issues.


Read on to know more about when kids should have their first eye exam and other facts about taking care of their vision:


When Do You Take Your Child for the First Eye Exam?


Eye doctors recommend the first eye exam for a child by the time they turn one. They should have a second visit before they join kindergarten if they do not show any vision issues. 


Your child's pediatrician may perform some visual tests for your child after birth. The pediatricians run tests that detect abnormalities in how your child's eyes respond to light. They also find issues with ocular alignment and external operations of the eye.


Eye exams by an eye doctor are essential if there is a family history of eye issues. Some of the eye issues that may be hereditary are strabismus or crossed eyes and amblyopia or lazy eye. Also, if you have noticed any abnormal issues with your child's vision, you should visit an eye doctor.


Why Are Eye Exams Important?


Early eye exams for your child are essential to detect any vision issues early. Some visual issues will usually get worse over time, such as myopia. Catching these problems early is critical for instituting management strategies. You can slow their progression so your child does not suffer the consequences.


An eye doctor can reverse other visual issues like amblyopia if detected early using eye patches or vision therapy. This helps restore strength to the weaker eye.


Tips for the Best Eye Care for Your Child


  • Do Not Count on School Vision Screenings

Vision screenings at school can detect only obvious visual issues. You will want to know any underlying visual problems that are hard to detect. If you have any questions about your child's vision, visit an eye doctor and let them know your concerns.


  • Family History


As stated above, some visual issues are hereditary. If a child's siblings have vision issues, it is very likely that your child will also have visual problems. Keep an eye on your child so you know when the vision issues begin to manifest.


  • See a Specialist


In the same way, a pediatrician is skilled in treating children for other conditions; a pediatric ophthalmologist has the training to treat children. Pediatric ophthalmologists have the right tools and the right environment. They know how to make your child relax during an exam. They also know how to identify visual issues from your child's behavior.


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