Questions We Get a Lot

I've never worn contacts before, can you help me?

Absolutely! We'll fit you, teach you how to put them in, and give you samples before you purchase. Click the question for more details.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You are required to take an eye exam to purchase contact lenses because they are considered a medical device regulated by the FDA. The doctor has to evaluate the proper fitting, comfort and best visual accuracy. If you have never worn this device before we need to instruct you on the safety and monitor your ability to insert and remove it. You get a free set of trial lenses with your exam to allow you to try the product before you decide to purchase. Either way, your follow up visit will ensure your satisfaction before the prescription is issued. Contact lenses can be great for all time wear, presbyopes, or specialty wear like sports or color changes. Call us for more questions.

How do your prices compare to the contacts I buy online?

We offer contact lenses at the same or lower prices as online vendors. Click the question for more information.

We know that when your prescription is released by the optometrist, you have the choice of where to purchase them. We will give you an exact price comparison and would alert you if we could not match their price. Also, we can ship the order directly to you.

How long will it take for my glasses to be ready?

If we have your lenses on the premises, it can be done either while you wait or within a few days. Click on the question to find out how.

Lenses are a custom made item and vary greatly with the choice of frame and type of prescription, but Spectacles has lens cutting equipment on the premises allowing for a fast turnaround. Call us at (814) 234-7788 or drop by so we can take care of your individual needs.

Are you a provider for my insurance?

Contact us with the name of your vision coverage and we will verify your eligibility and the amounts authorized. Click on the question for more information.

There are many types of insurance on the market. Some are discount plans, some are exclusive to a network, some allow patients to choose their providers and reimburse them. We are here to help, and we’ll do all the paperwork for you!